My Portfolio

Hello all!  My name is Halee Edwards and since 2013, through the creation of original content, engagement and collaborations with brands I have grown and maintained an organic personal social media following of over 70k. Below you'll find a selection of my recent work.

1. My website & Logo: I would never claim to be a website or graphic designer but I feel very proud of the little site you're reading this portfolio on. It has received many compliments from my customers and peers alike asking how they can get a similar one. The design is simple but clear and effective.




2 . (Right) A partnership post I did with Macy’s and SunglassHut to show off some Ray-Ban Aviators. This was one of 3 photos that I did for the campaign taken on top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. I like this picture because I think this looks natural and without reading the caption, you probably wouldn’t know it was an ad, and that is always my goal when working with brands. 







3. This was a flavor board I made to advertise my donut business that generated a lot of response with 1000 likes and over 100 comments. I think people responded so well because of the bright colors and the simple names written underneath. Using Photoshop I was able to bring out the colors I wanted to pop more while still retaining the inegrity of the image. It helps to pull you and keeps your attention and you start to think about which one you'd choose for yourself. After this was posted I noticed several other businesses attempt to recreate something similar. The use of the unique hashtag is also something I like to employ as it allows users to see more of the same content from you and is a good way to engage new followers.




4. This collaboration was with Modkat, a brand that makes modern litter boxes for cats. I love this photo because it isn’t focused just on the litter box. It has so many different elements in it, including my cat which makes it look real and unstaged.




5. Utilizing cross-platform social media is another great way of reaching an audience you might not otherwise have any influence over. The image to the left was one I cross posted from my Instagram to my Tumblr. I'm not a huge user of Tumblr but cross posting has allowed me to amass 16k followers and led this picture to acheive over 177k notes.

6. Below was a video collaboration I did with a close friend. Video is an area I've been trying to improve on recently as I've had a lot of success posting time-lapse video of myself baking. It's clear to see that short format videos are gaining a lot of traction in the social media and ad space.