News, Photoshoot & Pop-Up

Last week was CRAZY busy and I just wanted to share some images, words, and my gratitude for those who support what I do. 

The beginning of my weeks are usually low key-catching up on trash tv, cleaning, prepping for my weekend of baking, and just taking it semi-easy. Last week's craziness started off with being on Kens5 with Anthony from Lick Ice Creams on Thursday (May 18th). We were invited to be on the news to talk about the pop-up were having that Saturday at Lick. I obviously get super nervous and weird with these types of things, and I end up psyching myself out when there is no need to. It didn't help that we needed to be there almost 2 hours before we actually went on. It ended up being completely fine and I really enjoyed the experience of being on tv again (this was my 3rd time!), especially with Anthony by my side. If you haven't seen the clip, you can watch it here (below). 

Great Day SA segment

The following day (Friday May 19th) I had a lot of orders to get through, including 2 cakes. After my donut orders were picked up, Jessica Giesey came over to shoot some shots and videos of me doing my thang. For the record, I just want to say that she is truly something special. She's not only good at what she does but we totally click and get along-so it makes things really easy when we work together. I couldn't believe the pictures when I saw them. They really are breathtaking. 

And this video ^^^^ 

Saturday May 20th was the day I had been waiting for for so long. It started off suuuuuuper early in the morning (midnight to be exact), with me cutting out donuts and getting them into the freezer as soon as possible so that I could stay on schedule. My mom arrived at 3am ready to help me glaze, package, and clean up once we were done. When we arrived, I was thinking I'd be ready to glaze in 30 minutes, which made me think I was way ahead of schedule. We didn't start glazing until almost 5am and didnt finish until 6:30. We needed to leave no later than 7:15am and I still needed to box up the donuts and clean the kitchen. I definitely wasn't ahead of schedule anymore. After a lot of hustle, we ended up leaving on time. We arrived at Lick at about 7:35 and brought all the boxes inside. I set up and we talked logistics. The media group arrived at 8am and then shortly after people started lining up. It was the weirdest feeling, to see people line up waiting for your donuts (and Lick ice cream). I was trying not to think about it because I knew I'd get nervous or overwhelmed. The doors opened at 8:30 to the public and everyone started coming in. I couldn't help but smile as I talked to people while my insides were filled with butterflies. Loads of people asked for the maximum amount (6 donuts), and before I knew it we were sold out after 35 minutes (there's a debate on how long but I've heard 27, 30, 35, and 40 minutes ha!). I really couldn't believe it. To me, it felt like much longer. I can't thank the people who came out, everyone who helped me, and especially Lick for making this all happen and for wanting to collab with me. Here's some images and a video from the pop-up for your viewing pleasure :)

The line from the front.

The line from the front.

The line from somewhere in the back.

The line from somewhere in the back.

Overall, this weekend was such a blast and super rewarding. I feel like I accomplished so much in just a few days, and I got to work alongside some REALLY amazing people. I have a couple days worth of work this week (lots of donuts to be made), and then we are off to California for a week. At the end of every tunnel, there is light. California is my light. Be on the look out for some more blog posts after our vacay-and follow along on IG! (theginger_snap). 

Thanks for reading, see y'all again soon!