San Antonio Magazine Feature

In the latest issue of San Antonio Magazine (March), I and five other instagrammers were featured as "social media gurus". What an honor! When SAM messaged me about including me in the March issue, I was definitely taken back and all in. I love being apart of the San Antonio Community. Whether thats through instagram, baking, eating out, etc., I enjoy it all. The article briefly talks about how instagram is "famous (or notorious) for transforming iphone pics into envy-inducing peeks into what often looks not like the good life, but a perfect life." It then goes on to advise its readers to follow the six "snap-happy" instagrammers they feature. In my section, I mentioned that I would be selling my baked goods to our city soon enough (and here I am!) Others talk about what instagram means to them, what their instagram is about, and so forth. I am super happy I had the opportunity to work with SAM and the other ladies.