LASIK Surgery

Recently the opportunity of having Lasik eye surgery came up and it was quite the experience! I’ve been wearing glasses since middle school, so they’ve always been a part of my life. Lately they’ve been more of an annoyance than help. I knew that Lasik was something that I wanted to do but it wasn’t really on the table until a close friend had the surgery and had very positive results. I looked into Parkhurst Nuvision, which is located right here in San Antonio, and scheduled my consultation!


Consultation day was a breath of fresh air. I’d always been a little put off with the idea of doing Lasik, just because I assumed that it hurt a little or I psyched myself out into thinking what if something went wrong during my procedure.


Throughout the entire experience, all of my questions and concerns were answered. If I forgot to ask a question, Amanda, my Lasik counselor with Parkhurst was only an email away.  After leaving the consultation, I felt good about everything. I mean, I was told I would be in the operating room for less than 10 minutes! That alone made me feel a little better about the surgery.


The day of surgery had arrived and this is when things really started to hit me. After my consultation, all of my worries were put at ease and I never really thought about anything after that day…until the morning of surgery! All of those worries came back to torture me and I started to think “What if I feel it while I am in surgery? What if the “happy pill” doesn’t work? What if something goes wrong after surgery and I get an infection?” I thought about anything and everything. My husband tried to calm me down but it’s all I could think about until they were ready for me. Luckily a few minutes before, the pill finally kicked in and I felt a little more at ease.


I made my way to the operating room (with the help of the staff and my husband since I couldn’t walk too well) and there were so many people there to make me feel comfortable. I was guided to the station and laid down at the table. I was given a blanket to stay warm and I even got to listen to a Pandora station of my choosing (I chose The Postal Service). As small as these things were they put me even more at ease and made me feel better. To top it off, Dr. Parkhurst was there to walk me through everything that he was doing. He told me what he was doing to my eye that way I wasn’t surprised or caught off guard.


The first machine that I was under basically created a flap on the surface of both my eyes (each eye took 10 seconds or less to actually do and it was completely painless!) so that the prescription could be put in. Then I moved onto the second machine (with the help of the wonderful staff), and that’s where the laser put the prescription in my eye. Dr. Parkhurst then used a tool that put the flap of my eye back over where it would seal up naturally. Again, this was another 10 seconds in each eye. After that I was done! I could actually see!

Next, my job was to go home and sleep (no problem doctor!), so that is what I did. I went back in around 3pm to have my same day checkup and everything looked good. I continued my medicated drops for another week and then they gave me artificial tears to use at least 6x a day to help with any dryness or irritation. I also was to wear my eye mask (looks just like something out of star wars so I was okay with it) for the first day, all day. Then, I only had to wear the mask at night for the first week.

 I just had my 1-week post-op check up and everything looks perfect. I am able to wear makeup again (thank goodness) and play sports.  

I would say the first couple of days were the most intense for me, and I wouldn’t even say intense. My eyes were definitely really dry the day of surgery and the following day, but after that they were relatively fine. I went to watch my husband play soccer on Sunday (surgery was Friday morning), and I felt great, and could see! I was constantly and religiously using my artificial tears and I think that helped. I was on top of my drops, and I think that helped my recovery time. Plus, I'm only 1 week out now and that's pretty much already over!  

 I honestly don’t know what I was worried about? If they say it’s painless, why would it be painful and why would they lie? It definitely was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would recommend it to ANYONE. Seriously check them out at if you’re even considering Lasik.  

 I know so many people that have done Lasik and not one person has anything bad to say about it. I can’t say one bad thing about my experience. I really think being in the hands of the Parkhurst team made things run more smoothly. They are a group of knowledgeable and friendly people that will squash all of your worries. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to play in my next soccer game, to go hiking, to travel, and to see things that I never would have been able to see without my glasses.